Oil on canvas
100 X 100 cm

The Earth painting began with looking at images from the Hubble telescope,in particular the image of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The canyon cuts approximately 1.6 km deep into the surface of the earth, revealing the sedimentary remains of seas, swamps and deserts over nearly a 2 billion year period. To portray Gaia, or the earth as feminine, I took Michelangelo's statue of Night and painted away the background leaving the texture and creating a silhoutte female image. The Platonic solids, five shapes said to represent the elements of fire, air, water, earth and the fifth element, the quintessence or spirit were discovered by the Greek Philosopher and Mathematician, Plato and were meant to encompass everything within the known universe. I have taken the shape of earth from the hexahedron, and used the square shaped canvas to represent this element.

This work is not available


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